Dental Mask

Perfecto Mask

Disposable dental masks, not sterile, PERFECTO MASK, available with anti-reddening elastic or laces, have an anti-trauma, shapeable, nose-clasp. This dental mask comes in three layered TNT: transpiring outer layer, high filtering power middle layer, and resistant, hypoallergenic inner layer. PERFECTO dental mask is dermatologically non irritating and water-repellent. That is, it is impermeable to organic liquids.

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Protecting your health with a dental hygienist mask

An increase in upper respiratory tract infections among dentists have been reported by some studies: this is basically due to the fact that they don’t regularly use a proper dental hygienist mask. In fact, the purpose of a dental hygienist mask, like Perfecto Mask, is to prevent dentists from catching colds and infections from airborne splashes, spatter containing large particulate matter, and aerosols.

Perfecto Dental Mask: Colours and Packages

Dental masks are available in seven different colours: white, light blue, green, orange, light purple, blue, surgical green. One package of Perfecto dental masks includes 20 packs containing 50 masks each.


  • 20x50
  • Pantone P 338
  • Pantone P 2935
  • Pantone P 2645
  • Pantone P 165
  • Pantone P367
  • Pantone P284
  • Pantone White
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