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Perfecto Mask

Perfecto Mask.I4265 K78hhu H442 L1 Perfecto Mask

Perfecto Masks are disposable dental masks featuring an anti-trauma, shapeable, nose-clasp. This dental mask comes in three layered TNT:

  1. One transpiring outer layer
  2. One high filtering power middle layer
  3. One resistant, hypoallergenic inner layer

PERFECTO dental mask is dermatologically non irritating and water-repellent. That is, it is impermeable to organic liquids.

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Protect your health with a dental hygienist mask

An increase in upper respiratory tract infections among dentists and hygienists have been reported by some studies: this is basically due to the fact that they don’t regularly use a proper dental hygienist mask

In fact, the purpose of a dental hygienist mask, like Perfecto Mask, is to prevent dentists from catching colds and infections from airborne splashes, spatter containing large particulate matter, and aerosols.

Thus, it is not a mere case if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) always quote dental masks as one of the safest ways to prevent and control the spreading of infectious diseases in dentistry.


Some more details on Perfecto Dental Masks

The dental masks available at Dispotech are not sterile and are equipped with anti-reddening elastics or laces so as to fit over any head sizes.

They are available in seven different colours: white, light blue, green, orange, light purple, blue, surgical green. One package of Perfecto dental masks includes 20 packs containing 50 masks each.