Disposable Surgical Gowns

Perfecto Surgical Gown

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PERFECTO SURGICAL GOWNS are a kind of surgical gown designed to protect professionals during most procedures, either with high and low risk of infection and penetration by liquids.

Due to the material they are made of, 45g/m2 SMS, these disposable surgeon gowns are an adequate protection for all operators as they are:

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ergonomic – operators can move freely during surgery
  • Water repellent – they ensure low particle release rates
  • Suitable for various types of operations.

In a nutshell, they ensure resistant and ease of movement at the same time.

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Disposable autoclavable surgery gowns: easy sterilisation

Due to the high degree of hygiene required by the medical field, the standard version of these disposable surgical gowns can be sterilised in autoclave at 134°C.

The heat that the autoclave can reach via pressurised steam kills bacteria and other microorganisms, making the disposable gown wholly sterilised. This simple sterilising process ensures a high level of hygiene and safety.


Besides our standard autoclavable gowns, an already sterile product is available on request, to offer the highest hygiene level for delicate surgical operations.


In both versions, these disposable gowns provide maximum protection from the highest risk of infection and contact with hazardous or infected substances.


Customisation and availability of surgical gowns

Blue is the most used colour used by dentists and in hospitals, thus Dispotech surgical gowns come in this colour.

This does not mean that you cannot customise them. On the contrary, Dispotech offers a customisation service that allows you to choose the kind of package, the size and even to print your personal logo on disposable surgical gowns.


One single package of PERFECTO surgical gowns includes either 25 or 50 units.