Medical Head Cap

Perfecto Laces Cap

PERFECTO Laces Cap is a type of medical head cap made of polypropylene TNT18 g/m2. Medical head caps are ideal to prevent hair from falling down and contaminating the environment with germs that create potential hygienic threat to sterilised environments. As a matter of fact, their purpose is to keep the operating room and the surgery sites sterilized and free from any kind of contamination. Depending on the various cases, a patient as well may be required to wear a medical head cap.

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PERFECTO Disposable Medical Head Caps

PERFECTO Laces Caps have laces and an opening in the back so to accommodate longer hair and various hairstyles. Wearing them is fast and easy and, once used, they can be disposed of in a moment. Medical head caps of the PERFECTO line boast top resistance and fits to any head size. They are not sterile and are available in surgical green and blue.


  • 100x10
  • Pantone P284
  • Pantone P 338
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