Nitrile Medical Gloves

Perfecto Nitrile Gloves


Perfecto Nitrile Gloves are innovative medical gloves with no latex at all: they are therefore ideal for those who aim at avoiding any possibile allergic reaction and intolerance. In addition, nitrile gloves are completely powder-free. Nitrile medical gloves are suitable for multiple uses, from basic checks to dangerous material handling.

Also known as NBR, Nitrile is the perfect material for disposable medical gloves because it is a kind of synthetic rubber with high resistance to many chemicals.

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Benefits of Perfecto nitrile medical gloves

Perfecto Nitrile Gloves are very elastic and resistant, they provide tactile sensitivity and are especially appreciated in the health world, both in the medical and dental sector. These medical gloves are available in the white colour, are light and comfortable and provide an effective protection even for long time applications.


Our nitrile gloves are Made in Italy

There is only one place where we manufacture nitrile gloves: Italy. From the design to the final packaging, we carry out the whole manufacturing process within our company, according to the latest international standards. But do not fear: despite being a nitrile gloves manufacturer in Italy, Dispotech ships all its products – including, of course, medical gloves – worldwide.