Dental and Medical Disposable Tray

Perfecto Tray

Vassoio Trasp

PERFECTO TRAY is a dental and medical disposable tray available in different colors. The tray is made with top quality polystyrene, is thick and resistant, and features a reinforced edge to resist hits and dents.

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How to use dental and medical disposable trays

Dental and medical disposable trays are perfect for standing instruments and materials on; they are divided into smaller compartments to give each tool its place.

In addition, the trays can be piled to save space. Dental and medical trays, thanks to their disposable use, guarantee the highest hygiene.

Dental disposable trays: availability

Dental and medical disposable trays are available in a wide range of colors: white, Mediterranean blue, orange, purple, yellow, mint. Each package comes with a supply of 400 trays, but customized supplies can be requested.