Sterilization Rolls

Perfecto Sterilization Roll

Dispotech makes disposable sterilization rolls, PERFECTO Sterilization Roll, produced in blue polyester/polypropylene film. Due to the heavy paper they are made of, sterilization rolls provide reliable performances and high quality.

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Use and benefits of sterilization rolls

Sterilization rolls are indicated for hygienic storage of bagged instruments and other clinical items, allowing them to be stored in a safe and sterilized environment, ready for use.

Even the deepest sterilization processes turn out to be ineffective if the integrity of a sterilization pouch and its sterilization rolls has been compromised. For this reason, PERFECTO sterilization rolls are made to ensure the integrity of the whole sterilization process, providing a safe closure.

Sterilization rolls are widely used in the medical and dental sectors as they are easy to use and to be disposed of.

PERFECTO sterilization rolls are available in green, but in different dimensions and packages.

  • 0.5x200
  • 0.75x200
  • 0.10x200
  • 0.15x200
  • 0.20x200
  • 0.25x200
  • 0.30x200
  • 8
  • 4
  • 2
  • Pantone P 338
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