Haemostatic Sponge

Cutanplast Dental

Haemostatic sponge

Cutanplast is a gelatin haemostatic sponge (from pigs) in cubes with a rapid haemostatic effect, disposable and fully reabsorbed. Ideal for haemostasis in post extraction and in cases where bleeding has to be controlled, Cutanplast can be cut and shaped to meet the operator's needs and guarantees a fast, effective haemostatic effect. Its soft and malleable material makes it easy to fit the sponge into the desired area, offering a comfortable and quick relief to the patient.

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Haemostatic sponge: availability

Cutanplast haemostatic sponge is provided in sterile packing of each cube to prevent any cross-contamination. It is supplied in packages with 240 boxes of 24 sponges each. On request, customised supplies can be arranged to meet specific customer's needs. Please contact our commercial office using the form below to discuss customisation possibilities and product availability.


Some more features of the Cutanplast dental sponge

This dental sponge is classified as a “Medical Device" Class III implantable, and is made of a sterile re-absorbable gelatin sponge that has a haemostatic effect. Its porous surface activates an enzymatic cascade which is responsible for natural coagulation.

We can sum up the feature of the Cutanplast dental haemostatic sponge as follows:

  • non-toxic
  • neutral pH 
  • it absorbs blood corresponding to approximately 50 times its own weight
  • reduces the time of the surgical intervention
  • stops the hemorrhage
  • easy to use and to be disposed of
  • it can be reduced in size to any desired format