Medical paper napkins

Perfecto Napkins

PERFECTO NAPKINS are medical paper napkins made of pure cellulose combined with one polyethylene sheet.

Highly absorbent and waterproof, PERFECTO NAPKINS are tear-resistant, ideal for different uses in the medical and dental sectors. Medical napkins are a disposable product for medical and dental studios.

Soft and gentle on the skin, these medical paper napkins are particularly pleasant and comfortable to use.

Medical paper napkins: availability

PERFECTO NAPKINS are available in packages of 500 pieces in two different formats:

  • the 2 paper sheets+1 polyethylene sheet version in light colors such as white, blue, green, pink, yellow, light blue, baby and peach
  • the 1 paper sheet +1 polyethylene sheet version in dark colors like Mediterranean blue, Caribbean blue, apple green, wine red, lilac, black, fuchsia and orange

PERFECTO medical paper napkins will add a touch of color to your studio, with all the quality of Dispotech products.

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  • 500
  • Pantone P 338
  • Pantone P 228
  • Pantone P 2975
  • Pantone P 101
  • Pantone P 148
  • Pantone P 2935
  • Pantone P 2645
  • Pantone P 1905
  • Pantone P 165
  • Pantone P367
  • Pantone P284
  • Pantone White
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