Dental cotton rolls

Perfecto Rolls


PERFECTO ROLLS are disposable dental cotton rolls in pure, non chlorinated, long fibre cotton (fibre length 11-13 mm). They are highly absorbent (over 20g/g) and do not dissolve in water. Their fusion point is at 400°C. Dental cotton rolls are used to reduce the saliva flow inside the mouth, keep it open and easily accessible for dental operations.

PERFECTO ROLLS are soft and comfortable, they easily fit the patient's anatomy for a swift use.

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Frame 204


NR. 1 Ø8mm

NR.2 Ø10mm

NR.3 Ø12mm




Dental cotton rolls: availability

PERFECTO dental cotton rolls are available in three different size:

  • 8 mm diametre rolls
  • 10 mm diametre rolls
  • 12 mm diametre rolls

Supplies come in packages of 20 boxes with 300 gr of rolls each. Customised supplies can be requested to our commercial office. Please contact us using the form below.