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Perfecto Ejector

Aspirasaliva Tutti

Perfecto Ejector is a disposable saliva ejector for the dental sector. It is made of transparent, atoxic PVC: clean, easy to use and designed for the best comfort. Perfecto Ejector is a Class II A medical device.

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15 cm
13 cm




Perfecto Ejector: its main features

Equipped with a removable, rounded cap, the ejector is ideal for operations where the mucous membrane is irritated: the saliva ejector easily fits into the mouth of the patient, helping to remove excess saliva without the need for swallowing. Saliva ejectors are ideal for medium and long dental operations and represent a comfort adopted by many professionals.

PERFECTO saliva ejectors are flexible and have a metal thread incorporated to maintain the angle set.


Saliva ejectors: availability for the dental sector

PERFECTO saliva ejectors are available in different sizes: 13 cm and 15 cm. The standard supply includes 50 packages with 100 pieces each, but customised supplies can be discussed with our commercial staff. The ejectors are available in different colours: orange, green, pink, blue, white, yellow and dark green. Please contact us through the form below for any request.


Dental saliva ejectors by Dispotech

Dental saliva ejectors are functional and flexible tools that simplify all dental interventions by providing good suction and easy handling. Dispotech saliva ejectors pair with many kinds of valves and lines, and are available in standard, disposable options, and in a variety of colours.

On request, you can customize them anyway – read the next paragraph for more details on availability and customisation.


Using flanged saliva ejectors

The saliva produced during dental surgery and other procedures can interfere with the result. Here’s when a flanged saliva ejector is needed. Used in conjunction with a high-speed aspirator, a flanged saliva ejector also prevents interference from the tongue.

Dispotech offers various kinds of disposable saliva ejectors that are easy to use and to be disposed of.