Disposable chair covers

Perfecto Chair Cover

Dispotech produces the universal disposable chair covers PERFECTO CHAIR COVER in soft polypropylene TNT, non allergenic and transpiring. The chair cover set comes in 2 pieces: 1 back cover and 1 seat cover, weight 35 g/m2. PERFECTO CHAIR COVER is universal in size, adapts to all chair models, thanks to its elastic edging and laces guaranteeing full adaptability.

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Disposable chair covers are available in a range of colours to adapt to the needs of any studio. They are highly hygienic and easy to dispose of, their application is quick and guarantees a perfect protection and the maximum comfort.

  • 25x4scatole
  • Pantone White
  • Pantone P284
  • Pantone P 165
  • Pantone P 2645
  • Pantone P 2935
  • Pantone P 338
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