Can you carry an ice pack on board an airplane?

Emanuele Mortarotti in
12 April 2023

What happens if you want to carry a cold pack on a plane or in your carry-on luggage?  Is it possible, given its composition? We will tell you in this week's article.

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This week we’re talking about ice packs and answering a question you’ve probably wondered about yourself: is it possible to carry an ice pack on an airplane?

Whether it’s in your first aid kit or you need it to keep parts of your body cool that might be painful during a trip, here’s a guide to help you understand whether you can carry an instant ice pack or gel pack on a plane.  We will use an article read on as support.

As we have already discussed in other articles on our blog, an ice pack is a convenient, simple, and small-sized solution for dealing with unexpected injuries.  What happens if you want to carry a cold pack on a plane or in your carry-on luggage?  Is it possible, given its composition?

Carrying an ice pack in a suitcase is of course not dangerous because there are no harmful ingredients inside the devices themselves.  What is important is that they not break and allow the liquids/gel inside them to leak.

Below, we’ll give you some tips on what to do based on the type of luggage and ice pack transport.

Ice packs in carry-on luggage: can they be carried on board?

Due to rules imposed by airlines worldwide and to ensure the safety of passengers and workers, we know that gel packs and ice packs can be carried in checked luggage.

What if you want to put an ice pack in your carry-on luggage?  If the ice pack is solid at the time of security screening, it will be able to pass without a problem.  If, on the other hand, it is in a liquid state or is melting, the rules limiting the carriage of liquids apply: its weight will be identified to see if it complies with travel conditions Also consider the hours of travel: an ice pack will not stay frozen during a very long airplane trip.

What types of ice packs can I carry in my carry-on luggage?

Given the above, make sure your ice pack meets the conditions to be allowed to stay in your carry-on baggage.  There are conditions under which an ice pack must be allowed to be taken on flights, even if it does not fully comply with the regulations governing liquids.  We are talking about cases where:

  • you need an ice pack to keep medications for a certified medical condition at a cold temperature;
  • you have a problem (for example) with an ankle or other parts of the body that must be kept cool as recommended by health care providers;
  • you need to keep breast milk cool.

Bear in mind that for medical reasons you will need a certificate that vouches for your needs.

For any doubts, we advise you to consult the regulations of the airlines you will be travelling with.

Let us know how you transported your ice pack on an airplane: contact Dispotech!