Ice-water facial: facial skin comes back to life with ice

Emanuele Mortarotti in
22 August 2023

An ice-water facial treatment can give multiple benefits to facial skin: let’s find out
which ones!
We have often discussed the benefits of ice here on the Dispotech blog. Today we’re
offering you a great idea to give your facial skin tone, beauty and a healthy look: start
your day with an ice-water facial!

Ice Facial Ghiaccio Fa Bene Alla Pelle

Supported by an interesting article read on, we’ll tell you how to treat your skin with ice. The result? A face as reinvigorated and healthy as Hollywood stars.



It’s no secret that ice is a health cure-all: the action of cold has multiple benefits (you can find many articles about this on our blog!).

Ice is also good for facial skin and ice treatments have gone viral on TikTok, the social networking service that now launches trends worldwide.


But what does an ice-water facial consist of? Let’s find out together.


What is an ice-water facial and what are its benefits?

An ice-water facial treatment does not require the use of expensive equipment and is within everyone’s reach: early in the morning, you must submerge your face in a bowl with water and ice cubes for around 20-30 seconds.



Let’s get one thing straight: the ice-water facial is not something TikTok influencers invented. The world’s earliest civilisations already practised it in antiquity - albeit in different ways. Plunging yourself into cold water to give benefits to the body and to invigorate is a habit whose roots date back centuries and centuries.


Dr Geeta Yadav, one of the most famous dermatologists in the United States, explains all the benefits of ice for the face. “It might seem hard at first. Keeping your face submerged in such cold water will for sure make you shiver, but it’s for a good cause. The action of cold reduces inflammation and gives the skin an energy boost. People with problems of reddening, rosacea and blemishes will benefit enormously”.


When your skin comes into contact with ice, it causes the blood vessels to constrict: this reduces the blood flow to the face and also alleviates redness and morning swelling. When the temperature of the face returns to normal, the skin will appear bright and firm, with an even tone.



“Cold water is also capable of shrinking pores: indulging in an ice-water facial every day means less oily skin. The oils produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands reach the surface and make it shiny and oily. By using ice, the size of the pores will be visibly reduced and the sebum produced by the skin on the face will be decidedly lessened”,  continues certified dermatologist Sheel Desai Solomon.


If you needed another reason - no, two - to try an ice-water facial, this is just what you’ve been waiting for: plunging the face into cold water and ice is able to calm anxiety and is a great way to wake up energised.



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