Instant ice manufacturer

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Since 1990 Dispotech has been one of the major medical products manufacturers and suppliers. Its products are chosen by many hospitals, dental offices, hospices, sport structures and pharmacies in Italy and all over the world.

Dispotech research and development have focused particularly on instant ice manufacturing, a disposable product frequently used in many sectors. Being a high-quality instant ice manufacturer, Dispotech developed valuable solutions for medical and dental offices and other reality where you need therapeutic and anti-inflammatory treatments.

Dispotech is the instant ice manufacturer you were looking for: discover the products it has developed and patented.


Dispo Ice Spray and Perfecto Ice: Dispotech instant ice manufacturing

Dispotech has developed two instant ice products:



Dispo Ice Spray


dispo ice spray



Dispo Ice Spray is the ready to use ice spray can for the medical and sports sectors and mass retail. Its can is provided with a special dispenser valve that directs the flow into the desired area.

This instant ice is particularly suitable for treating small injuries, bruises and sprains effectively and rapidly. Dispotech offers wholesale supply to the medical and sport sectors as well as mass retail.

Dispo Ice Spray is available in two different dimensions - 200 ml and 400 ml – in stock of 24 packages. On request It can be customized with your logo and your graphics and sold as a private label product.


The ice spray is really easy to use: you just need to keep a distance of at least 20 cm from the area you want to treat in order to avoid skin irritation and mild burns.


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Perfecto Ice


perfecto ice



Dispotech has also developed and patented an instant ice pack for the dental sector: Perfecto Ice.

Part of the Dispotech Perfecto dental line, it is the ideal solution for an after dental surgery situation to limit pain and swelling.

The dental ice packs reach a temperature of -4°C in a few seconds, guaranteeing an intense but not aggressive cold. It is realized in non-woven material for practical use, but it is available in a plastic version too.

Each package contains 24 dental ice packs (14x18 cm).


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