Reusable hot and cold gel pack

Dispo Gel

Dispotech has designed and manufactures a reusable hot and cold gel pack: Dispo GEL. This is a reusable hot and cold pack which is heated or cooled by an external source. Completely non-toxic, it is suitable for both medical and domestic use; it can be moulded as required, does not harden when frozen and is reusable.

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Our reusable hot and cold gel pack is ideal for numerous sectors such as medicine, dentistry, sports, mass retail and your brand.

The hot and cold gel pack is available with dedicated container pouch in non-woven fabric or elasticated fabric. Dispo GEL is a Class I medical device, also available with a case that can be personalised. Watch this video!

Product available for the following sectors:
Your Brand
Mass Retail
  • 5.5x12cm
  • 11x11cm
  • 14x18cm
  • 14x24cm
  • 11x26cm
  • 17x26cm
  • 100pcs(5.5x12cm)
  • 50pcs(11x11cm)
  • 25pcs
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