Hospital Patient Gowns - Class I Medical Device

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Disposable patient gowns are a Class I medical device. They are the most hygienic and practical solution to protect hospital visitors from external and cross-contamination.


What kind of disposable patient gowns do we provide you with?

Dispotech’s hospital patient gowns are made of a non-woven tissue which is water-repellent, which is an important characteristic in an healthcare facility such as a hospital where contaminants are easily spread.


In terms of fit, these patient gowns display:

  • stitching at the waist 
  • neck strap
  • sleeves with elastic wristbands


These elements are not only important comfort-wise, but they are useful to fully protect the patient’s safety


In addition, you can find these hospital gowns only in one size, but they are available in various colors


Ready-to-use disposable hospital patient gowns

Patient’s gowns are Class I medical devices as they need to fully protect the whole body of the person wearing it from any kind of hazard from a contamination perspective. 


These disposable products are fundamental not only to prevent cross-contamination between patients and professionals, but also between patients and caregivers, which are quite widespread in a hospital.


It is necessary that all disposable patient gowns are:

  • comfortable
  • easy to wear 
  • easy to be disposed of 


Why should you choose Dispo Gowns?

Hospital gowns are surrounded by a series of stringent guidelines that regulate the safety of staff and patients. 


Choosing Dispotech’s Dispo Gowns, you can be sure to opt for:

  • high-quality textiles - for improved effectiveness
  • high safety standards - to protect you from viruses and bacteria
  • water and other liquids resistant hospital gown
  • tear resistant 
  • accurately tested to resist in a healthcare facility


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