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Dispo Masks are disposable masks with comfortable elastic bands and a bendable nose clip. Composed pf three layers of non-woven fabrics, they offer the utmost comfort when you wear them: they are made of a breathable outer layer, a high filter power (99% B.F.E.) middle layer, and a resistant and hypoallergenic inner layer.

These disposable masks belong to Class I medical device.

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50 pcs


Product available for the following sectors:

Main characteristics of Dispotech's disposable masks

Specifically designed for the medical and dental sectors, Perfecto MASK surgical masks guarantee maximum protection and respiratory comfort for the user.

Perfecto medical masks include a long incorporated nasal bar to adapt perfectly to the face, are anti-misting, free of glass fibre and have rounded elastic straps in hypo-allergenic cotton/sponge. These medical masks are available in three different colors.

Perfecto MASK is a Class I medical device.

BFE: 98%
DELTA P: 1.8