Disposable surgical gowns

Perfecto Surgical Gown

PERFECTO SURGICAL GOWNS are comfortable, disposable surgical gowns made in 45g/m2 SMS, a special material that guarantees both softness and high resistance. Water repellent, these disposable surgical gowns have excellent transpiring properties and resistance.

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Sterile disposable gowns

The standard version of the disposable surgical gowns can be sterilized in autoclave at 134°C. However, an already sterile product is available on request, to offer the highest hygiene level for delicate surgical operations.

Colors and package of disposable surgical gowns

Dispotech disposable surgical gowns are available in the blue version, the most required color in the dental and medical sector worldwide. The gowns come in 25 or 50 units packages.

  • 25
  • 50
  • Pantone P284
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