Dispotech's approach to the COVID-19 emergency

Emanuele Mortarotti in
26 March 2020

We want to share with you the actions taken by Dispotech to counter the spread of Coronavirus (covid-19) and - at the same time - ensure the continuity in the supply of some of its medical devices.

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Today we want to share with you the actions that Dispotech has put in place to counter the spread of Coronavirus (covid-19) and - at the same time - ensure the continuity in the supply of some of its medical devices.


Due to the current health situation in Italy, we have no more personal protective equipment in stock such as gowns, masks, gloves, shoe covers, caps, etc., which we have provided to all facilities and distributors who requested them, since these are all products that we purchase from foreign suppliers, we will not be able to stock up again very soon.


However, our company has kept some of the production lines for medical devices Made in Italy operative, thanks to:


  • Smart Working


All of our administrative and commercial teams work remotely, from home, using our cloud-based office media. They are all available to answer questions and requests from companies, clients or those who - at this very moment - wish to place an order for when the situation will return to normal.


  • All production lines are reduced and in safety


Thanks to a correct rotation of the workforce and by providing all our employees with adequate protective equipment some of our main production lines are still running even if at a reduced capacity.


  • Human Relationship


Just because we work remotely, it is important not to lose human contact! This is why team Dispotech is in contact via video calls every day. Obviously, both internally and with customers requiring our support.


Thanks to the above, even if at reduced capacity and with our headquarters closed to the public, we are available! You can continue to request information about our products and receive what is available in stock.

Contact us!

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