The invention of spray can

Emanuele Mortarotti in
26 March 2018

Today we’ll be speaking about an invention that has undoubtedly changed our lives: have you ever thought about how many aerosol spray cans we have at home and how we used them daily?

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Today we’ll be speaking about an invention that has undoubtedly changed our lives: have you ever thought about how many aerosol spray cans we have at home and how we used them daily?

We at Dispotech, your disposable excellence, have made an aerosol spray product one of our best-selling and most valued items: Dispo Ice Spray is the ready-to-use spray ice that is perfect for those who practice sports, but also for minor bruises and domestic injuries.

But who invented aerosol sprays and how did this innovative product develop and become so indispensable in our everyday lives?


The first experiments on the possibility of spraying a product contained in cans were conducted by Norwegian chemical engineer Erik Rotheim, who designed the first can with a nozzle in the late 1920s. Rotheim called it an aerosol spray can, or a can able to spray products in the form of aerosols. In 1926 the engineer sold the patent to a US company (the invention was approved for the market in 1931) for "only" $ 17,000 (no less than $520,000 today!); and the rest is history.

Before a Norwegian had the idea, something similar had been thought of no less than two centuries ago: the first rudimentary experiments on spray technology apparently date back to 1790 in France.

Today aerosol spray cans are used all over the world and can contain any product - from cream, oil, paint and personal hygiene products, to insect repellents and our Dispotech Ice Spray!

The way an aerosol spray can works is as simple as it is brilliant: the can (made of aluminium, tin or tinplate) contains a substance in a liquid state together with a pressurizing gas (usually propane, butane or isobutane). By pressing the nozzle cap, the liquid is transformed into a gas that is propelled from the can, ready to use.


Did you know the history of the aerosol spray can? Are you curious about it or would you like info on our Dispo Ice Spray? Contact the Dispotech, your disposable excellence team and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have!

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