What are the characteristics of a category III surgical gown

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28 August 2020

This week we will outline the main features of surgical gowns falling under PPE (personal protective equipment) category 3

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Welcome back to Dispotech’s blog! This week we will outline the main features of surgical gowns falling under PPE (personal protective equipment) category 3.


Surgical gowns are very important for healthcare workers, because they provide protection against infections and possible exposure to blood or other fluids. But, what are the main characteristics of a category 3 surgical gown? Let’s find out more about it with the support of an article published on the website cardinalhealth.com


Surgical gowns are also included in the range of category 3 PPE. These are essential personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, because wearing them in situations with a high risk of infection/contagion/exposure to biological fluids can make a difference.


Unlike PPE categories one and two, those belonging to category three are mandatory by law, as they are considered a fundamental type of protection to safeguard the health of the worker. The gowns protect healthcare workers from possible direct contact with potentially infected biological fluids, but what should be the main features characterising them?


Mainly, they must be resistant to water penetration - i.e. they should not break if sprayed or splashed on. In addition to resistance, the gowns must be waterproof and pressure-resistant.


The fabric is essential and must be tear and abrasion resistant - especially in places considered to be the most delicate (i.e. the chest and sleeves), which are subject to constant twisting and stretching due to body movements.


A gown with all these features is a category III gown.


Dispotech has chosen the highest quality category III gowns to offer maximum protection to whoever wears them.


The single disposable gown made of polythene laminated non-woven fabric, PPE Category 3, protects the person wearing it from infectious agents (type PB 6-B) and is equipped with a posterior overlapping closure using a belt, neck strap, and sleeves with elastic at the wrists.
It is available in white colour, sizes M, L and XL.


Contact us now to find out more here.

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