Medical Disposable Manufacturers Shipping Worldwide

Medical Disposable Manufacturers Shipping Worldwide

Dispotech is not a simple medical disposables manufacturer: as a matter of fact, one of the most appreciated services we are able to ensure is worldwide shipping of every kind of products. Thank you to the synergy with our Italian and foreign distributors we deliver our medical products far beyond Italian borders in a short time.

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Dispotech is a leader among medical disposable products companies in Italy and worldwide. The company was created by Massimo Mortarotti in 1994: after ten years working the chemical-medical field in Milan, Mortarotti decided to create a new company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supplying of medical disposable products. Dispotech was founded in Gordona, in the Valchiavenna area in Italy.

Today Dispotech is recognised both in Italy and abroad as one of the leading companies in the production of medical disposable products for various sectors: medical, dental, sports, promotional and mass retail. Our company offers major international distributors both Dispotech branded and Private Label products, creating customised lines of disposable products.

Today, Massimo Mortarotti runs the company alongside his son Emanuele Mortarotti and daughter Monica Mortarotti, ably assisted by their 50 employees.

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Medical Disposables Manufacturers

Medical Disposables Manufacturers

As medical disposables manufacturers at Dispotech we produce a wide range of items designed for:

  • Hospitals
  • Dental studios
  • Nursing homes and all professionals in the medical field
  • Sports sector
  • Mass retail

Easy to be disposed of, all Dispotech medical disposables are manufactured with selected high-quality materials to ensure the utmost hygiene, safety and resistance in compliance with strict European regulations.

Our disposable medical supplies can be divided in to two main lines:

  • Dispo Line, composed of products used in the medical and sport field or sold on the mass retail market –among them: ice packs or spray cans, surgical masks and gowns, gloves, heat packs, bibs etc.
  • Perfecto Line, which includes product specifically designed for the dental sector – this series includes products like disposable tray papers, dental cotton rolls, dental bibs, ice packs etc.

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Dispotech guarantees the high quality of its disposable products via ISO 13485 certification, fully respecting European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. The company, indeed, offers disposable products in Class I, Class II a and Class II b medical sprays.

We take great care in the quality of our materials and our production process in designing disposable products for the medical, dental, sports and promotional sectors.

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