Disposable medical supplies

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Since 1994, Dispotech has been a leader in the design and manufacturing process of Italian disposable medical supplies, which we ship all over the world. The high quality standards of our products are guaranteed by the ISO 13485 certification. 


At Dispotech, we produce a wide range of medical tools and accessories that include Class I, Class II a, and Class II b medical products that are compliant with the latest European Directive 93/42/EEC.


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The applications of our disposable medical supplies


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One of the core characteristics of medical devices is their ability to avoid any risk of infection or contamination. This is the reason why we have designed our products to be user-friendly and easy to dispose of.


Dispotech disposable medical supplies are suitable for the medical field and for mass retail. In fact, they come in different packaging, and based on your particular demands, they can be highly customised.


Available for various sectors, from medical to mass retail, Dispotech disposable medical supplies come in different types of packaging and, depending on the needs, can be customised.


Furthermore, they are suitable for a broad range of activities and applications, such as:


  • Medical and healthcare facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Health workers like doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals
  • Sport activities


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The disposable medical supplies offered by Dispotech


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Catering to the great demands of the market is challenging. Therefore, our disposable medical products should be versatile in order to be suitable for many applications, such as:



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Our disposable medical supplies are designed and manufactured in-house using carefully selected Italian materials in order to obtain the highest quality products according to current European regulations. This will provide you with efficient and highly dependable items.


But we go the extra mile. In fact, all our medical supplies can be customized based on your promotional purposes. You can choose if you want:


  • your logo printed on the packaging 
  • change the type and the size of the packaging


Shipping worldwide disposable medical supplies


Dispotech has built meaningful business relationships with Italian and international distributors. Thanks to this extremely fruitful synergy, we are able to ship all our disposable products worldwide - from America to Asia, from Africa to Australia, and all over Europe, including the UK.


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