Disposable healthcare products

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Hygiene in the healthcare field is a serious concern. With this clear in mind, we started our production of disposable healthcare products back in 1994, being able throughout the years of shipping all over the world.


With our disposable products belonging to Class I, Class II a and Class II b medical devices, we are able to serve a bunch of sector in the healthcare field. So, if you work in one of the following fields, you may have landed on the correct page:


Let’s take a look in detail.


Disposable healthcare Products for the Dental Field

We have conceived a special line of disposable healthcare products just for those working in the dental sector, called Perfecto – Dispotech Dental Excellence.

Here you will find a complete range of dental disposables which includes products like:

  • Instant ice packs easily usable on the face
  • Dental bibs with dispensers made of cellulose and polyethylene
  • Disposable tray paper, the ideal base for aluminium trays
  • Toothbrushes designed to guarantee ease of use and with hypoallergenic bristles
  • Compact-sized micro applicators to improve the workflow at your dental health practice
  • Chair, headrest and seat covers to protect chairs and seat from liquids that may leak
  • Surgical gowns that ensure safety and absorbency either for you and your patients
  • Disposable gloves made either of latex or nitrile.
Find out all disposable healthcare products for the dental field.


Choose safety and hygiene for your workplace:

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Disposable Healthcare Products for the Medical Field

We designed this line – Dispo – keeping clear in mind the need of hospitals, care homes, nurseries and other healthcare facilities where hygiene plays an important role. If you work in one of these places, this is worth reading.

Our Dispo Line includes at least twelve different items such as:

medical disposable

Discover the whole range of Dispo disposable healthcare products.


Disposable Healthcare Products for Sport

If you work in a sport facility or you are an athlete yourself, this might interest you as our disposable products are designed for sport application as well. To mention a few:

Discover all sport disposables.

Disposable Healthcare Products for Mass Retail

Drug stores, mass retail chains or wholesalers in Italy and abroad often ask for our healthcare products, sure of the quality we guarantee. It means that you might find Dispotech items in the pharmacy just round the corner. The products people usually ask for the most include:

…and much more. 

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medical disposable for mass retail


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What You Get if you Choose Dispotech Disposable Healthcare Products

This is not to preen ourselves, but our items have proved to be pretty competitive on the market, and this is due to a combination of facts, like:


disposable for heathcare


Customise Your Disposable Healthcare Products

Wherever you work at, with Dispotech you’ll have the chance to customise your products.

Are you willing to apply your studio logo on the product you use? Or do you want some disposable medical supplies with different dimensions or packaging to suit your need better?

No problem, all you have to do is to contact us at Dispotech. We will get back to you in a very short time.

Are you outside Italy?

If you do not live in Italy, well, that does not matter to us. Throughout the years we have been able to build a great synergy with our distributors either in Italy and abroad. So, even if you live in the most remote region of the world, we will reach you: we ship worldwide and at reasonable shipping rates.

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Which disposable healthcare products do you need?


  • Wash gloves made of either non-woven fabric of dry paper
  • Self-seal sterilisation pouches ideal for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation
  • Heat packs to release immediate heat (+50°C)
  • Decontamination mats made of thirty numbered sheets
  • Hot and cold gel packs which is useful either for heat and cold therapy
  • Ice spray cans to soothe pain fast
  • Disposable sheets that ensure high tearing strength and waterproofness
  • Bibs with pocket that ensure comfort and softness
  • Disposable gloves for multiple use to protect your hands
  • Tape remover sprays with non-aggressive solvent to easily remove tape
  • They are made only of selected high-quality material
  • They are internally designed and produced – which means that we are able to control the production chain from the start till the end
  • They are made in compliance with the strict Italian and European regulations regarding safety and hygiene – take a look at some of the certifications we have achieved