Hot and cold gel pack: a small guide

hot and cold gel pack


Reusable hot/cold gel packs are medical devices that are frequently used at home when any kind of pain occurs. Learn more about the product and its benefits.


On this page you are going to discover:


What hot and cold gel packs are made of?

How are hot and cold packs made


Gel packs are usually composed of these ingredients: water, a thickening agent, a freezing agent, silica gel, and a non-toxic dye (usually blue). Of these ingredients, the temperature-lowering agent is the one that causes the greatest concern if ingested, most of the time consisting of propylene glycol.


Reusable ice packs are safe to use with children, but we always recommend the supervision of an adult.


When we suggest using them

Hot and cold gel packs can have different uses depending on the pain to be treated.


Cold is excellent for all those who can run into small injuries and seek relief quickly because it has several benefits:

  • soothes the pain (e.g. shoulder pain, sprained ankle…);
  • reduces swelling;
  • relieves muscle spasms;
  • calms fever and headache.


Heat contributes to our well-being in a different way than cold: it is as if it lubricates the blood flow, also acting on the joints, improving their flexibility. A gel ice pack is also perfect for treating neck pain, back pain, rheumatism, hypothermia, and any chronic pain you might have.


How to use them

How to use hot and cold gel packs


To enjoy hot or cold therapy you have to prepare your gel packs before applying them to your body. You can microwave or freeze them following your necessity (whether you need hot or cold therapy).


How to cool the gel pack? 

Place it in the freezer for 2 hours. If you want a less "frozen" effect, try touching the gel pack once in a while and remove it from the freezer when it has reached the consistency you want.


How to heat up the gel pack? 

  1. Set the microwave at a power of about 600w, place the gel pack on the turntable, close the door and start heating. 20 seconds should be enough.
  2. Once this time period has elapsed, remove the gel pack from the microwave using an oven mitt or cloth to protect yourself from the heat.
  3. You might notice that the edges are warmer than the centre when touching them, because they contain less gel and heat up sooner.
  4. To distribute the heat evenly, try to mix the gel by using your hands (always using an oven mitt or cloth).
  5. Place the gel pack back in the microwave and heat it for another 10-20 seconds.
  6. Repeat step 2 and, in general, heat the gel pack until you reach the desired heat level.
  7. When the gel pack has reached the desired temperature, remove it from the microwave, wrap it in a cloth and place it on the area to be treated.


Apply the cold or hot gel for about 15 minutes on the painful area. Once the reaction is activated and the bag is cooled or heated, the effect lasts about 30 minutes. Unlike instant ice packs, they can be reused, reducing waste considerably.

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