Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches

Dispo Pack

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Dispo Packs are self seal sterilization pouches are made of medical grade paper and polyester/polypropylene film, and are suitable either for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation cycles. In compliance with the current sterilisation regulations and standards, these sterilisation rolls and pouches equipped with a colour indicator for both sterilisation modes.

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Frame 204


50mm x 200m - 8 pcs/box

75mm x 200m - 8 pcs/box

100mm x 200m - 4 pcs/box

150mm x 200m - 4 pcs/box

200mm x 200m - 2 pcs/box

250mm x 200m - 2 pcs/box

300mm x 200 m - 2 pcs/box

400mm x 200m - 1 pcs/box

Frame 204


90x230 mm - 200 pouches/box

140x250 mm - 200 pouches/box

190x330 mm - 200 pouches/box

300x450 mm - 200 pouches/box

Product available for the following sectors:

Customizable self-seal sterilization pouches

Dispotech self-seal sterilization pouches belong to Class I medical device, and are specifically designed for the medical and dental sectors. These sterilisation pouches and rolls are produced by coupling a film of transparent polypropylene to a sheet of white insulating medical paper. Moreover, due to their high production quality they guarantees exceptional strength and easy peeling.

According to your specific needs, you can customize Dispo self-seal sterilization pouches with your logo.