Dental Chair Covers: The Latest Products for Dentists Like You

Dispotech has launched a new line of disposable products which include three different types of dental chair covers, highly hygienic and extremely easy to be disposed of. Here’s a presentation of Dispotech disposable dental chair covers and all the components they are made of. Take a look at our offer and contact us for a free quote: we ship worldwide!

Written Tuesday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

PERFECTO CHAIR COVER are the disposable dental chair covers offered by Dispotech, Your Disposable Excellence, to all distributors in Italy and abroad, including the UK.

Dental Chair Covers: Disposable Supplies for Your Dental Studio

Dispotech  produces disposable dental chair covers for the dental and medical sector made of non-woven fabric, hypoallergenic and transpiring soft polypropylene TNT which guarantee comfort, protection and hygiene to patients in any situation.


This is a kind of dental chair cover which is universal in size and can adapt to all chair models, thanks to its elastic edging and laces guaranteeing full adaptability so as to ensure a perfect protection and the maximum comfort.


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Available Packaging of Disposable Dental Chair Covers

Dispotech dental chair covers are available so to adapt to the majority of dental studios – they are available in six different colours such as Mediterranean blue, China blue, orange, purple, mint, and white. A standard package includes 4 boxes containing 25 dental chair covers each but you can request customised supplies as well.

PERFECTO CHAIR COVERS are composed of two or three pieces which are also separately available:

  • One back cover
  • One seat cover, weight 35 g/m2
  • A headrest cover, on request – available in white, green, blue or orange so to match the rest of the chair cover.



Seat Cover and Back Cover

PERFECTO Seat Covers and Back Cover come usually together. They are TNT 35 g/m2-made products adaptable to any kind of armchairs. Their characteristics include:

  • Excellente resistance to movements
  • Comfort of use
  • Transpiration

Headrest Covers

Made of polypropylene TNT 35 g/m2, Perfecto Headrest Covers ensure the utmost level of hygiene. Due to the elastic bands they come with, they can easily fit the headrest, being a resistant and safe solution either for the patient and the professional.



If you are a dentist, you might want to know more about our products. Discover all Dispotech disposables for professionals like you.


Why choose a dental chair cover by Dispotech

A dental chair cover is a true barrier against bacteria and other pathogens that may affect the patients. It is thus important to use disposable tools to:

  • provide the utmost hygiene 
  • increase the life of the chair by protecting it from disinfectants and other liquids that may leak

On top of that, our dental chair covers are:

  • adaptable to all chair sizes thanks to the laces on both the seat cover and backrest cover 
  • quick to apply and remove
  • easy to be disposed of
  • hypoallergenic andcomfortable for patients


Customise Your Dental Chair Covers

As for many other products for the dental and medical field, Dispotech offers a ‘Your Brand’ service in case you need to customise the tools you use.

This means, for instance, that you can add your logo or your claim on your dental chair covers, and even ask for a fully customised packaging by changing its format and the size.

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