Distilleries and breweries that produce gel

alcohol manufacturers that, to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and lend a hand, have started to produce hand-sanitizing gels.

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

A new appointment with the news from Dispotech. Today we will discuss a very interesting topic: alcohol manufacturers that, to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and lend a hand, have started to produce hand-sanitizing gels. To tell you all about these stories of success and solidarity we are relying on several sources: ny1.com, thechronicleherald.ca and reuters.com.


From the first source, we learned about the story of an American company, Rubsam and Horrmann Brewing Company, R&H, taken over by Brian Quinn. Chief Operating Officer Cara Gordon maintains that the company decided to give a hand to the US healthcare system. The decision was immediate and heartfelt: that explains why beer was moved aside and the production of hand-sanitizing gel began. Quinn said he would contact "union representatives for firefighters, the police department, sanitation services, the MTA," with the product also being destined for use by "employees of the city of Staten Island."


From the second source, we learn about the path taken by Glenora Distillery, an alcohol-producing company that decided to help fight the Coronavirus crisis. The distillery decided to get involved and produce alcohol-based solutions for sanitizing the hands. Lauchie MacLean, president of Glenora Distillery, declared that manufacturing disinfectant solutions had always been possible for the company and that, in fact, it was already a production idea just before COVID-19 exploded everywhere. The real challenge, however, according to the president, was to find the containers needed for holding the hand gel - highly in demand and therefore difficult to find.


The third and final source tells a story of solidarity that is 100% Italian: the famous Campari brand of alcohol which, together with cosmetics manufacturer Intercos Group, decided to produce hand -sanitizing gels to support the healthcare emergency in Lombardy. As it is sadly known, Italy is one of the countries in the world with the most Covid-19 victims and Lombardy the region most affected by the emergency. The alcohol Campari provided was processed and "transformed" by Intercos Group and then donated to hospitals and healthcare facilities in difficulty.


Campari made a very generous donation of 1 million euros to support a Lombardy-region hospital. It also donated another million euros to Another Round Another Rally, a US non-profit organization.


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Emanuele Mortarotti
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