How important is the type of ice used for an injury?

Emanuele Mortarotti in
10 February 2020

Today, thanks to an article published on the portal, we talk about ice used after an injury: what is the best type of ice?

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New article on Dispotech blog! Today, thanks to an article published on the portal, we talk about ice used after an injury: what is the best type of ice? Is it the one at home, or an ice pack? Let’s find out  together which one is the best solution.


In the original article, Mr.Bob Gray, a certified athletes’ trainer, is interviewed. He shares his opinion about ice used for injuries, thanks also to his 40-year career, during which he has attended to numerous minor and major injuries. According to the trainer, the easiest ice to use and find is the home-made one: better if reduced into small pieces and placed in a bag or a cloth to better fit the part of the body on which it rests. If you don't have "pure" ice, you can resort to the always useful pack of frozen food you have at home!


Another solution are ice packs and gel packs: convenient because they can be adapted to any part of the body they rest on, they are among some of Trainer Gray’s favourite remedies.


There are also devices providing cold therapy by incorporating ice and water into them. These devices, however, are often quite expensive and found in professional teams facilities rather than in any family home.


Once the best method for cooling down an injury or swelling has been identified, it is recommended to keep either an ice pack or ice in place at intervals of 15 minutes and to limit any movement up to 24/48 hours after the injury. Another little trick is to massage the affected area with circular movements using a piece of ice: it works!


In short, as we have already mentioned several times on Dispotech's blog, ice can be an excellent ally for our health. How about you? Do you use it after injuries? What "version" do you prefer? Have your say, contact Dispotech.

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