How much will the market for surgical gowns change?

we will be talking about the upcoming boom in the surgical gown production market

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Today, on Dispotech’s blog, we will be talking about the upcoming boom in the surgical gown production market. The personal protective equipment used by health care workers is an increasingly growing business; over the next few years, it will increase considerably and reach substantial figures. Let’s find out more on this topic with the support provided by an article published on


In 2019, the surgical gown production business amounted to approximately $1,124 million. A truly impressive growth, which is expected to reach a record $1,821 million by 2026. The great demand for production is attributable to several reasons, which we will try to outline below.

First of all, surgical gowns are essential personal protective equipment to safeguard the health and safety of healthcare workers, as wearing them protects against  the possible transmission of infections caused by direct contact with patients. There has been a significant increase in demand for the supply of surgical gowns in recent years: the main reason is the increase in surgical procedures worldwide, partly due to technological progress in the medical field.

However, it is necessary to take into account current regulations regarding the quality and price of this equipment, representing the new challenge for the global market growth of key PPE such as surgical gowns.

The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, along with other infectious diseases, has triggered the supply alarm and has prompted the scientific community to question the actual safety of these gowns. There is a need for more awareness regarding their use.


As of today, the strongest market is the USA - holding the majority of surgical gown production worldwide - and it is expected to grow further due to post-Covid-19 requirements. But production growth has also been forecast in the Asia/Pacific area (China and India in the lead).


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