How nerve pain is reduced by ice

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17 January 2020

Today we are talking about a very common discomfort and how it can be alleviated with the help of ice: it is related to pinched nerves

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A new appointment with the news from Dispotech, your disposable excellence. Today we are talking about a very common discomfort and how it can be alleviated with the help of ice: it is related to pinched nerves and the possibility of calming the pain with ice compresses or ice-packs. To do this, we avail ourselves of the support of an article published on


Pinched nerves cause a continuous and very annoying pain that one wishes to eliminate as soon as possible. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning and muscle weakness; these symptoms, along with others, can be more intense in the morning or in the evening and, in general, create problems getting through even the simplest of things because of the pain. Some home remedies can help reducing the strain on the nerves, together with good habits; among the most common remedies, once again ice (combined with heat) can give excellent results.


The use of medical ice-packs for several small health problems and pains, as we have already mentioned on several occasions, can reduce inflammation and swelling. The use of ice-based therapies several times a day - better if alternated with periods when heat is applied to the painful area - can definitely help to soothe pinched nerves pain. Use an ice-pack three times a day, cooling the affected part for about 15 minutes: this will help to minimise the inflamed or swollen area. If possible, alternate with hot compresses (which can be kept in place even longer).


Among other suggestions on how to alleviate nerve pain, we can include:


  • good prolonged sleep: sleeping well (and a lot, if the body requires it) helps to relax the nerves. It is necessary, though, to be careful to the sleep position to prevent the situation from getting worse.
  • A correct posture: assuming a bad posture can cause nerves to overlap or worsen an already existing condition. To help yourself, use ergonomic chairs, cushions or backrests that help you hold a position as correct as possible.
  • Stretching and massages: daily stretching exercises and muscle relaxation is an excellent habit regardless of nerve pain. Those affected by this problem must obviously be careful not to strain their muscles too much, or they could aggravate the situation. Massages, especially if performed by professionals, can also help relieve tension in the nerves and provide long-term benefits.


These are only some of the remedies that can help alleviate nerve pain. In general, having a lifestyle that includes physical activity helps a lot to prevent such pain. If the pain is persistent and alarming, seek medical advice.


What do you think about this article? Have you ever experienced the effects of ice on pinched nerves? Have your say by contacting Dispotech!

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