How to use an infra-red thermometer

Emanuele Mortarotti in
05 June 2020

This week we will talk about a very important and widely used tool in the containment of the spread of Corona virus: infra-red thermometers.

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This week we will talk about a very important and widely used tool in the containment of the spread of Corona virus: infra-red thermometers. This device is widely used to measure people’s temperatures before they enter shops, clubs, restaurants, etc. - in short, any place where there is the simultaneous presence of many people who could have a fever, which is one of the many symptoms that can be traced back to Covid-19.


Taking the temperature reading is therefore essential to prevent the virus from spreading: there is need of a device capable of doing this job but from a distance, without any close physical contact; an infra-red thermometer is perfect. Let's find out more about this device, with the help of an article published on


The infra-red thermometer is a hygienic, fast and safe device for measuring body temperature - but also for measuring the temperature of a food or object. Thanks to its internal technology - which uses infra-red rays - it is possible to take a temperature reading at a safe distance, which prevents any possible risk of contracting an infection or virus.


Below, we outline at least three good reasons why we should rely on a thermometer that uses infra-red technology.


  1. This type of thermometer has an internal lens that can be pointed at the person (or object) that needs a temperature reading. Infra-red rays, on the other hand, make it possible to detect the heat generated by the subject pointed by the lens.
  2. One of the main reasons for purchasing an infra-red thermometer is the possibility of measuring the temperature at a safe distance, with no contact between the person taking the temperature and the person subject to the reading. This is an excellent thing, which prevents the possible transmission of viruses, bacteria or germs that could attack another person: it suffices to think about the classic thermometers, which must be disinfected after being used. An infra-red thermometer does not require this type of disinfection and is ideal for monitoring the temperature in total safety.
  3. One additional advantage of infra-red thermometers: most of them are capable of also measuring the temperature of objects - often by re-setting the device for a more accurate measurement.


We at Dispotech have also selected an infrared thermometer for your shop or your company, which is fundamental during this pandemic period. To find out more, contact Dispotech

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