Ice for knee pain

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21 December 2022


This week on our blog we’ll give you tips on how to correctly apply ice packs for knee pain.

Ghiaccio per il dolore alle ginocchia

A new appointment with Dispotech news! This week on our blog we’ll give you tips on how to correctly apply ice packs for knee pain.


The knee is the largest joint in the human body and is often exposed to blows, sprains, strains, etc.


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Did you know that the knee is the largest joint in the human body? Because of its extension, the knee can often be painful due to trauma, blows, strains, sprains. Relieving knee pain quickly and effectively is very important; do remember, if the pain does not subside or becomes unbearable, see a physician immediately.


What are the causes of severe and sudden knee pain? There are many possible answers, but the most common disorders are:


torn cartilage;

sprains and strains;



Ice therapies are affordable and really do solve problems. In particular, cold acts on blood circulation by causing vasoconstriction, meaning the narrowing of blood vessels. Less blood flow means less pain and more relief.


In addition to reducing pain, ice acts to reduce inflammation, swelling and the expansion of any bruising.


Using ice is recommended for acute pain or pain that has not been underway for more than six weeks. An ice pack works well on knee pain caused by meniscus injuries, sprains, overexertion, tendinitis.


For satisfactory results, proceed with precision and be constant. Apply an ice pack, a frozen gel pack. Ice should not be applied for more than 20 minutes, after which you must give the body time to recover.


You can repeat the application of ice packs several times a day.


The use of ice benefits should absolutely be avoided by those suffering from diabetes, Raynaud’s syndrome and anyone with tissue sensitivity: these people risk serious damage such as frostbite or ice burn. Always consult your physician for any doubts or questions you might have on using ice packs.


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