Protective masks and visors, how are they helping us?

Emanuele Mortarotti in
12 June 2020

Another appointment with Dispotech news. Today we are talking about two fundamental safety devices to cope with the spread of Covid-19: we are talking about protective masks and visors.

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Another appointment with Dispotech news. Today we are talking about two fundamental safety devices to cope with the spread of Covid-19: we are talking about protective masks and visors.


While we are used to seeing masks worn by everyone on the street, in offices and shops, protective visors are only used by some categories of workers - those who work in close physical contact with their clients (doctors above all, for example). In order to understand how these devices can help us to prevent a possible contagion, we avail ourselves of a study published on


The spread of the epidemic caused by Covid-19 has caused quite a few problems in the distribution of personal protective equipment (ppe): most of the production, in fact, is located in China and the outbreak of the pandemic has virtually wiped out shipments to Europe and the world. As a result, it was very difficult to find masks suitable to protect the population. While waiting to be able to purchase surgical masks in large quantities, people were advised to wear fabric masks, or "do-it-yourself" masks.


Many studies that have been published during this period have shown that fabric masks are not as protective and effective as those used by healthcare professionals.


A good alternative to masks is the protective visor. This protective device covers the entire face: therefore the nose, mouth and eyes are protected. The perfect visor, in fact, should ideally should also cover the chin and ears, without leaving even a centimetre of skin uncovered. Thanks to the easy availability of the materials used to produce the visors, this product is certainly more accessible (even in large quantities) than the masks. The greatest advantage offered by this ppe is undoubtedly its potential long-term use: it is sufficient to disinfect the visor well after each use to ensure total protection. Their conformation, also, literally prevents you from touching your face and, therefore, eliminates the risk of infection.


Dispotech has chosen the best splash guard visor, perfect fit for close contact in total safety. For more details about the protective visor and for any further information or curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact Dispotech.

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