Three uses of dry ice in the medical industry

Dry ice is used in so many ways, especially in the medical industry

Written Friday, by Emanuele Mortarotti

Welcome back to the blog Dispotech, your disposable excellence. Thanks to an interesting article on, today we would like to talk about the three main uses of dry ice in the medical sector.


Dry ice, is not a product that people need every day - ergo, they know very little about its many uses. Most people know about its “ ability “ in keeping the food cold, or to create the famous " fog effect " during parties and concerts. Dry ice, on the other hand, is used in so many other ways, especially in the medical industry: we are talking about sectors such as transport, cleaning and storage.



Dry ice is used by hospitals and laboratories when they need to transfer delicate objects such as biomedical samples, organs, blood and other materials that need a cold environment for them to be able to survive the journey.

Dry ice is much colder than the ice we all know: its temperature is about -80°C, while the classic ice stops at-35°C. Dry ice, also, stays cold longer and does not melt; it evaporates, turning into gas, after a long time, which is why it is perfect to be used in shipments - even if these take several days to reach their destination.



Dry ice can also be used to clean and disinfect medical and industrial equipment. The use of caustic solvents has been discontinued, because it is pollutant and has a detrimental effect on the equipment itself.

Cleaning with dry ice is simple: you spray dry ice on the surfaces, instantly decontaminating the treated area. This method is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons: it is economical, reduces waste, respects the environment and reduces the use of aggressive chemicals.



Biological samples such as vaccines and blood are frequently stored thanks to dry ice. This type of matter is sensitive and must remain for long periods of time at cold temperatures: dry ice is, therefore, the only way to ensure its survival under optimal conditions.


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