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Since 1994, Dispotech has been a leading ice pack manufacturer for medical applications as well as daily use. Explore all the products and find the perfect solution for your activity. 


Dispotech is committed to providing innovative products that have an effective impact on patients who suffer from chronic pain. Over the last decade, ice packs have become increasingly popular from a medical perspective, but also in delivering pain relief in other contexts, from sports to daily use.


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Dispotech is a manufacturer of ice pack products

Cold therapy has been revealed to be a valid ally when it comes to pain treatment. As a reliable manufacturer of ice pack solutions, Dispotech has been providing high-quality devices that can easily adapt to different body parts, and that have an immediate effect on pain


Here you can find our ice pack products. 


Easy Ice


Dispotech manufactures Easy Ice, a set of disposable ice packs designed in non-woven fabric or polyethylene. Available in different sizes, they can deliver immediate pain relief in minor injuries in a vast array of fields. They are made for single-use only, so they can be easily disposed of


How to use them properly? Thanks to a patented formula, it’s possible to produce an endothermic reaction by simply squeezing the pack. All the chemicals contained will provide instant cooling to the injured area, reaching -4 °C. Make sure to apply Easy Ice on a clean body part and limit the exposure to a maximum of 15 minutes


Dispo Gel


Dispo Gel is a non-toxic hot and cold gel pack. Due to its composition, this device is particularly flexible, and it can be applied on various body parts. They are available for a vast range of applications in medicine, dentistry and home uses. 


Dispotech has manufactured Dispotech in order to have a pack that combines the principles of heat and cold therapy


How to activate one effect or the other?

  • Put Dispo Gel into the microwave or in boiling water to get the heat
  • Place it into a freezer for instant cooling


As an ice pack manufacturer, Dispotech has created an easy-to-use device that can have a positive impact on post-operating injuries or dental operations, but that can be also useful in case of stomach aches


It can be customized in terms of formats and graphics, as it’s possible to add a logo. 


Perfecto Ice


As an ice pack manufacturer, Dispotech has a series of devices specifically designed for the dental sector. It’s PERFECTO ICE, a groundbreaking solution made in TNT material, soft and suitable for facial application


It delivers an intense, and yet gentle cold therapy in case of dental surgery, muscle pain and strains. PERFECTO ICE is available for the dental sector. 


The perfect ice pack manufacturer and supplier

Choosing Dispotech as an ice pack manufacturer and supplier means to entrust a leader always seeking for the next innovation. 


Dispotech provides: 

  • top-tier ice packs with patent formulas to provide the best heat and cold therapy to alleviate your pain;
  • a range of solutions that are distributed on a national and international level;
  • customized products in terms of graphics, logos, sizes and formats;
  • professional medical and dental devices for post-surgery rehabilitation.


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