Instant cold pack

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Dispotech produces instant cold packs for many different sectors, since instant ice is a medical disposable device frequently used in various situations. Our products are manufactured in Italy and they are shipped all over the world.


Instant cold packs by Dispotech

In Dispotech's catalogue you can find different kinds of instant cold packs, designed and produced for different fields of application. What is common between every instant cool pack is the finest quality of the materials used and the advanced technology of Dispotech techniques and expertise.

Instant cold packs supplies you can request at Dispotech are:



Perfecto Ice

instant cold pack perfecto ice


Perfecto Ice is an instant cooling pack realized specifically for the dental sector. It is a TNT pack delicate and soft to the touch that can be used on the face without being aggressive. It is the ideal product in case of dental operations or any inflammation that causes pain and discomfort.


Easy Ice

instant cold pack easy ice


Easy Ice is the instant cold pack for the medical sector, the GDO and the sports sector. It is widely recommended in case of traumas and contusions since it gives immediate relief against pain and swelling.

Thanks to its innovative formula patented by Dispotech, it is the perfect cryotherapy device and can reach a temperature of -4°C in just a few seconds.


How to use Instant cold packs

Using instant cold packs is very simple. That’s why these medical devices are widely used by many people all over the word. But let’s see how to use them correctly.

First of all, it is necessary to press the button in the middle of the instant cold pack: an instantaneous cooling process will take place and the pack will reach a temperature of -4°C.

At this point you just have to put the instant cool pack over the desired area for a maximum of 30 minutes. After this time, in fact, the pack will lose its cooling effect, warm up and become ineffective.


Why to choose Dispotech instant cold packs

Choosing Dispotech instant cold packs can offer many benefits not only in terms of therapeutic effectiveness but also in terms of practicality and comfort.

To sum up, instant cool packs by Dispotech:

  • Are easy to use and to be disposed of
  • Are extremely effective
  • Can be used everywhere and in every moment
  • Are not aggressive when applied directly to the skin

But there is more: keep reading to find out how to customize your supply!


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Customize your instant cool pack supply

Like all Dispotech products, even instant cold packs can be customized according to your preferences and needs. You can choose to apply your graphics and your logo on the packs and realize a unique product which will always be recognizable. In addition, on request you can also choose formats and sizes of the packs. This way it is easy to develop your own private label.


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