Cool pack and ice pack: what’s the difference?

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You may have seen different kinds of ice packs and cool packs in stores or online. Have you ever wondered what was the difference between all of them? Here’s a cheat sheet to easily remember their features.


Cool pack, ice pack…which one is the best choice for cold therapy? It depends on the purpose and the time you have. Here’s a little help to tell them apart and choose the right product for you.


Ice pack

  • Composition: ammonium nitrate and water (NH4NO3)
  • Preparation: push the pack to activate the reaction and create cold, you don’t have to wait because it’s ready right away 
  • Best use: first aid for sports or any kind of injury
  • Single use product
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Cool pack

  • Composition: non toxic blue gel
  • Preparation: put it in the freezer for a couple of hours (or in microwave for 1 minute if you need hot temperature)
  • Best use: long-term cold therapy for chronic conditions or acute injuries
  • Reusable product


Examples from Dispotech range

dispo gel cool pack

Dispo Gel is a kind of reusable hot/cold gel pack designed and manufactured by Dispotech, completely non-toxic, also suitable for medical use. The medical ice pack can be used for two types of therapy: if put in the microwave or in boiling water, it is suitable for hot therapy; if placed in the freezer it is ideal for cold therapy. The bag can also have a pocket that prevents any burns.


easy ice - ice pack

Easy Ice is a disposable instant ice pack specifically designed for the medical, sports and retail sectors. It is an ideal product to treat minor trauma or bruises, because it gives immediate relief against pain and swelling.


perfecto ice - ice pack

Dispotech has also developed and patented Perfecto Ice, an instant ice pack specifically for the dental sector. With operation similar to medical ice packs, Perfecto Ice is the disposable instant cool pack in TNT or plastic, great for reducing discomfort and inflammation following dental procedures.

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