Single-use ice packs


Single-use ice packs are the perfect solutions in case of injuries and to give immediate relief to temporary pain. In fact, cold therapy is well renowned - however, it is important to delve into the correct use of this medical device to make the most out of every situation where its use is needed. 


Let’s discover the benefits and the multiple applications of single-use ice packs.


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Dispotech single-use ice packs Easy Ice


Dispotech single-use ice packs Easy Ice consist of efficient and easy-to-use disposable ice bags for minor injuries. Once the endothermic reaction has been activated after squeezing the substances contained in the pack, Easy Ice instantly reaches -4°C thanks to an innovative cryotherapy formula


This is a Class IIa medical device, and it can be used in many different sectors such as the medical and dental fields, sport and home use. Thus, Easy Ice is a versatile product for retail. 


How to apply Easy Ice?

  1. Press the middle button of the ice pack 
  2. Once squeezed, the chemicals contained in the single-use ice pack are activated and rapidly reaches -4°C
  3. Clean the part you need to treat with cryotherapy 
  4. Apply it to the injured area 
  5. Do not exceed the 15-minute limit exposure to prevent frostbite 


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The advantages of single-use ice packs 

Over the years, medical devices have been subjected to significant advancements in cold therapy technology. Let’s discover the benefits of single-use ice packs.


  • High hygienic safety: they are suitable for healthcare professionals and patients, preventing cross-contamination due to their one-time use nature. 
  • Immediate pain relief: unlike traditional ice packs, single-use ice packs can instantly cool down. In fact, they can be applied to the injured area, providing immediate comfort also in acute injury scenarios. 
  • Practicality: they can be used effectively in context where there is the need for an immediate solution, streamlining cold therapy for both professionals and individuals. 
  • Versatility: single-use ice packs can easily adapt to a broad range of applications in the medical field, for treating sports injuries and dental post-procedures. 


Single-use ice packs: all the applications and uses 

The applications of disposable single-use ice packs extend across a range of different sectors.


Medical field

These ice bags can be used in hospitals for quick pain relief in case of minor injuries or recovery. They can effectively manage the patient's condition, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 



Single-use ice packs are the most used to treat sprains and strains, aiding athletes in faster recovery. Moreover, they are suitable for immediate relief as they can be applied instantly during sports events or training sessions. This is the best alternative for your first-aid kit


Dental sector

They are particularly beneficial in the dental sector as well for post-procedural care, helping to manage swelling and discomfort. Single-use ice packs are the preferred choice in this field for their high level of safety


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