Instant ice packs: what are they and how to use them correctly

Ghiaccio Rimedio Contusioni Senzafarmaci


On this page, we will discover what instant ice packs are, and how to use them correctly to treat injuries and temporary pain.


The benefits of cold therapy are known to everyone, but not everybody knows the proper use of a medical ice pack to feel better.

Learn the 3 main things you need to know:


What are single-use ice packs?

No one could say they don’t know instant ice. In fact, it is a product widely used both in the medical field and in non-professional contexts. 


Instant ice packs are disposable bags containing ammonium nitrate and water, which combined create cold. Their coating is usually made of polyethylene or non-woven fabric.

A medical ice pack can perform a cryotherapy function when needed: it is an excellent remedy for the treatment of trauma and bruises and to relieve pain and swelling even after dental procedures or other interventions.


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How to use disposable cold packs

Here’s how it works: firmly press the centre of the bag to break the tube inside of it. This way, water will come into contact with ammonium nitrate. The resulting endothermic reaction will allow a temperature between 0 and -4 ºC to be reached in a few seconds.

Apply it in the area to be treated to enjoy immediate relief, just be sure the area to treat has been cleaned.


The instant ice pack will last 30 minutes, but we suggest using it for 15 minutes to avoid frostbite.


Did you know? Dispotech was the first to patent the formula inside disposable ice packs.

instant ice packs by dispotech



When to use disposable ice packs

Using a disposable instant cold pack can decrease inflammation and numb pain in almost any area of your body. But when is it more advisable to use it?


We suggest choosing this solution, for example:

  • for sports injuries (or any soft tissue injury);
  • to reduce swelling after dental surgery or trauma;
  • to cure headaches;
  • to calm hot flashes.

In all these scenarios, ice is effective at reducing pain and swelling because the cold constricts blood vessels and decreases circulation to the area.


For all the reasons mentioned above, any medical clinic or dental office should always keep a stock of instant cold packs. We also suggest keeping a few packs in the first aid kit, instead of relying on ice cubes: they are always ready to use and they perform much better on injuries.

Dispotech is an instant ice manufacturer since 1990 for the medical, dental and sport sector: if you need further information or you are looking for a supplier, contact us! Our professional will answer shortly.