What’s inside an instant ice pack

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Instant ice is a very well-known and used medical device used for cold therapy. If most know how to use it, not everyone knows exactly what’s in an instant ice pack. Let’s find out below.


What’s in instant ice: features and composition

Let’s finally answer the question: what’s inside instant ice? First of all, this product is a chemical ice pack.

In fact, inside ice packs there are two elements: water and ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), basically a type of salt.

Water is contained in a sac called “bladder”, while ammonium nitrate is outside it. About 1.5 grams of ammonium nitrate are present per gram of water.


When the use of an instant ice pack is required, pressing the bag in the centre breaks the bladder containing the water. This way, nitrate and water come into contact, with the consequent absorption of heat and cooling of the pack.

In this way we can guess how the term "ice" is not the most correct when referring to the medical device, considering that it is only salt with water that, through an endothermic reaction, reach a temperature between 0° and -5° C for 30 minutes.


Instant ice: Dispotech products

In the Dispotech catalog there are several instant ice options:

Easy Ice - designed for the medical, sports and retail sectors, is available with both polyethylene and TNT coating - a soft tissue for the most sensitive body parts - and available in different sizes.

Perfecto Ice - specific for the dental sector, ensures an intense but not aggressive cold, ideal for post-surgery applications or other procedures of a surgical or orthodontic nature.

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