Chemical ice packs

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Chemical ice packs are designed and manufactured by Dispotech for hospitals, care homes, all health workers, dentists and for domestic uses too. Our chemical ice pack supplies are shipped all over the world.


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Chemical ice packs by Dispotech

Dispotech has designed and realized multiple products of chemical ice packs. According to your needs, you can find the most suitable chemical ice pack: in fact, you can choose between:

  • Perfecto Ice
  • Easy Ice
  • Dispo Gel


Perfecto Ice

Perfecto Ice is a chemical ice pack designed for the dental sector: it is specifically realized in TNT in order to be comfortable when applied on the face.

Its cold therapy has effective analgesic properties, especially after dental operations or in case of swelling and inflammation.


Easy Ice

Easy Ice is a disposable chemical ice pack available in TNT or plastic bags. It is the Dispotech product specific for the medical sector, sports sector, and mass retail. It has to be applied in case of trauma, sports injuries or contusions and it can be rapidly effective against inflammation and pain.


Dispo Gel

Dispo Gel is a reusable product that can be used as a chemical ice pack too. In fact, if properly cooled in the fridge, it can be useful in every situation where you need a cryotherapy treatment. This product can be considered a cool pack, which differs from ice packs in its composition​.

Using Dispo Gel is very easy, it just has to be applied in the desired area to perceive an immediate relief sensation in injured areas.


Chemical ingredients

Inside instant ice packs there are two elements: water and ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), basically a type of salt. Water is contained in a sac called “bladder”, while ammonium nitrate is outside of it. Once the bladder is broken, the ingredients combined create an endothermic reaction. 

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Reusable ice packs are made of gelatin that can be cooled or heated as required. The gelatin inside the bag does not contain toxic ethylene glycol, it is produced using non-toxic propylene glycol. In this product, the cold sensation is not made by a chemical reaction, the ice pack must be put in a freezer instead.


How to use chemical ice packs

Using chemical ice packs is extremely simple: after squeezing the water bag inside them you just have to wait a few seconds until they reach a temperature of -4°C - 0°C.

The important thing to remember is that the application of a chemical ice pack must not last for more than 30 minutes: after this time, its effectiveness will start to reduce. But don’t worry if you forget it: 30 minutes is also the average durability of the cold temperature of the ice packs.


Advantages of chemical ice packs

Chemical ice packs are chosen every day by lots of people to treat local traumas and injuries, which is why they present various advantages and benefits:

  • Ease in the application
  • Very high effectiveness
  • Softness and delicacy when applied to the skin
  • They can be used in every moment and in every situation


Customise your chemical ice packs supplies with Dispotech services

By choosing chemical ice packs by Dispotech you can receive your supply wherever you are: we ship all over the world! Moreover, you can create your own chemical ice packs choosing to apply your logo and your graphics on the packages. This way you can obtain your own private label product and use it also as a tool to promote your activity or reality.


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