5 benefits of cryotherapy

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22 September 2020

This week we will delve deeper into the topic of cryotherapy, listing the most significant benefits that one or more cold treatment sessions can bring to the body.

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Welcome back to the weekly appointment with Dispotech blog news! This week we will delve deeper into the topic of cryotherapy, listing the most significant benefits that one or more cold treatment sessions can bring to the body. To do so, we use the support of an interesting article published on healthline.com


Cryotherapy literally means "cold therapy" and involves exposing the body (or only parts of it) to sub-zero temperatures for a few minutes. It is widely used by professional athletes, but now also by ordinary patients, full-body cryotherapy is carried out in special cabins (only the head is outside); localised cryotherapy, on the other hand, can be carried out using a number of special devices, but also manually using cooling sprays, ice packs, ice massages, etc.


It is important to say that the body will only benefit and not be damaged (also seriously) if exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. So be careful and always rely on competent and experienced doctors/operators who will monitor your cryotherapy session.


But what are the benefits of one or more cryotherapy sessions? Here are some of them.


1. Helps against migraine headaches

The action of the cold can “numb“ the nerves in the neck area, by cooling them. Studies have also shown that it is possible to relieve migraine pain by applying cold compresses to the neck at the carotid arteries.


2. Reduces nerve pain

One of the most popular practices of athletes, before and after training, is cryotherapy. Cold helps to numb irritated nerves and thus contributes to the alleviation of diffuse pain - very common in professional athletes.


3. Regulates mood disorders

If the body is exposed to very cold temperatures it starts to release physiological hormonal responses: endorphins, adrenaline and norepinephrine enter the bloodstream, helping to combat ailments such as depression and anxiety. Scientific studies have shown that cryotherapy, combined with other treatments, can be helpful in treating mood disorders.


4. Helps with arthrosis

Research in the medical field has shown that cryotherapy also helps patients suffering from arthrosis: the action of cold reduces pain.


5. It is useful in treating atopic dermatitis and other dermatological diseases.

Thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation, cryotherapy is indicated for patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, an annoying dermatological disorder that makes dry skin itchy.


And what about the risks?

If not supervised by a doctor or an expert and if practised for too many minutes per session, exposure to very cold temperatures for too long can cause health damage - even serious damage. So be careful and rely on competent professionals.


And what about you, have you ever tried cryotherapy? What do you think of it? Share it with the Dispotech team!

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