Arab Health 2021: read the Dispotech's fair report

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13 July 2021

What was it like exhibiting at a major international event after this long stop? Read the article.

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In 2021, Dispotech brought its excellence in disposable products dedicated to the medical sector directly to the fair. We believed in it, we organized our stand and we can proudly say that we brought made in Italy to one of the first truly "alive" international fairs.


In fact, from 21 to 24 June, the Arab Health fair was held in the setting of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

It is an annual event dedicated to international companies operating in the medical sector, obviously with a keen eye on the EMEA area.


The fair was held both face-to-face and online and was the occasion for Dispotech to meet partners, customers and onlookers in an event that brought together more than 3500 exhibitors from all over the world.

A good result for the entire medical sector and especially for those who believed - like us - that the market again deserves to be experienced "in person".


Dispotech has brought its cold line, patented and produced in Italy, to Dubai. Instant ice, EASY ICE is the flagship of our production and could not fail to be shown in its updated graphics.
As well as to complete the cold hot gel, the Dispo GEL that combines the cryotherapy function with that of heat in the same product.

Obviously we have exhibited and made customers touch a large part of the Dispotech medical range.


We have had the opportunity to reconnect old contacts and create new opportunities with medical distributors who want to choose quality in disposable products.


Here are some photos directly from the Arab Heatlh.


In short, we would like to bring our testimony of a medical market that is reorganizing and is far from standing still. Dispotech, with its excellent monuoso medical products, could not be missing!


If you want to discover the medical range, request the Arab Health fair samples here.

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