Is it possible to lose weight by using ice?

Emanuele Mortarotti in
21 February 2020

Today we will try to answer an interesting question that, for sure, will capture the attention of many readers: is it really possible to lose weight using the benefits of ice?

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New online news on Dispotech's blog, your disposable excellence! Today we will try to answer an interesting question that, for sure, will capture the attention of many readers: is it really possible to lose weight using the benefits of ice? Medicine is currently making great leaps forward in this direction and there are several treatments that actually use the power of cold temperatures and ice to provide benefits to patients undergoing these treatments. Thanks to the support of an article published on, let’s find out what progress has been made so far and if, above all, you can really lose weight by using ice. Enjoy reading!


There are several studies and medical-scientific research according to which it is possible that the action of the cold may act on fat and help to lose weight. Nevertheless, there is still much to discover and a long way to go in this regard. This doesn’t mean that we should cover ourselves with ice packs or apply ice wherever we see accumulated fat... not really!


Researchers at the University of Geneva conducted a number of laboratory experiments exposing some mice to cold temperatures and its effects for a period of over 10 days. Cold temperatures actually modified the bacteria present in the animals' intestines - bacteria that were subsequently passed on to other mice not subjected to cold temperatures. It was observed that the mice involved in the second part of the experiment lost weight, but only for a few weeks - in fact the mice started to regain weight when returning to their usual diet. In short, this is an interesting result offering a wide range of scenarios and ample room for research.


Another method, known and widely used by aesthetic doctors, is the now famous CoolSculpting - or cryolipolysis. Thanks to a machine placed on some localised fat accumulations which uses cold temperatures, it is possible to literally "eliminate" fat cells. If it is true that dead cells leave the body naturally shortly after treatment, it must be said that this technique is certainly less invasive than practices such as liposuction. Obviously, CoolSculpting must be coordinated with the doctor in order to plan the number of sessions required and the outcome hoped for by each patient.


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