What do you need in an emergency kit?

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24 April 2020

Today, on Dispotech's blog, we address a very useful topic and we're certain that, after reading the article, you'll be ready to tidy up your home first aid kit

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Today, on Dispotech's blog, we address a very useful topic and we're certain that, after reading the article, you'll be ready to tidy up your home first aid kit.


Yes, because today we are talking about emergency kits: an essential little box that must be present in every home, office, school, gyms and sports centres, etc.. It must contain few but necessary elements in order to provide first aid in the event of minor injuries. What is it? We find out together, supported by an article published on firstaid4sport.co.uk.


Ready? Take your first aid kit, open it and read this article: at the end, you'll find out what to integrate in order to remain calm and be prepared for any eventuality.


What happens when, while exercising or at home, we have a minor accident? It is important not to panic and to act promptly. Having a kit, an emergency kit ready with all necessary items for disinfecting, dressing, cooling a wound or a contusion, is essential. This is especially true for sports facilities or venues with large numbers of people.


There are many types of emergency kits: their contents change according to where they are located. So, what are then the indispensable products inside them? Without a doubt, the main ones are:


  • disposable gloves;
  • scissors;
  • sterile wipes;
  • sterile dressings;
  • bandages;
  • medical ice packs;
  • hot/cold packs;
  • hot/cold spray;
  • bandage fixing tape.


Obviously, emergency kits will have to be customised according to their use. In a gym or in a centre where boxing is practised, for example, it will be essential to also have products such as nasal sponges and eyewash.


Here's some advice on how to keep your emergency kit in order:


  • keep the first aid kit in an accessible place, but out of the reach of children;
  • always keep it well organised, so you know exactly where to quickly find all the products you have inside it;
  • be realistic about the stock you'll have: by buying too many products, you risk letting them expire and having to throw them away;
  • regularly check the products to make sure they are undamaged and functioning;
  • if you use the products, make sure to buy them again right away - in order to have them ready for the next time;
  • buy and stock up on good quality products, to guarantee an excellent and safe treatment of wounds and contusions.


Dispotech products are perfect for your first aid kit: from hot/cold packs to sprays, moving on to instant ice.


What kind of kit will we require now in our daily lives as we try to eradicate the spreading of the Coronavirus? Should we integrate it with disposable masks, gowns and caps? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to Dispotech news and let us know what is in your first aid kit: contact us!

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