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174A2338 Medical line
23 June 2022

How to dispose of instant ice

We have spoken of instant ice very often in our articles, explaining its practical aspects and emphasising the countless benefits of cold. We have always recommended that you keep a bag of instant ice at home or in places where you practise sports. But have you ever wondered how you should throw away a disposable ice pack after using it?

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23 June 2022

Never reuse an ice pack

Today we will be discussing ice packs and tell you why you shouldn’t reuse disposable ones: you might have an unpleasant accident!

We will use an article we read on as support.

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Crampi Gambe Medical line
27 April 2022

Dealing with cramps

This week, the Dispotech blog looks into at a study conducted by Edith Cowan University which shows that electrolytes taken with water help athletes reduce and prevent muscle cramps. Let’s have a closer look with the support of some news read on

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Sacco Caldo Freddo Spalla Medical line
27 April 2022

Gelpacks for shoulder pain

What should you use when you have shoulder pain? The benefits of heat or cold?

How can a gelpack help if you are suffering from arthritis, tendinitis, or joint hypermobility?

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Arab Health 2022 Read The Dispotech S Fair Report.I9961 Keph6je W922 H401 F1 L2 News
16 February 2022

Arab Health 2022: read the Dispotech's fair report

An international fair to bring Dispotech medical disposable products in Middle East

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Qual E La Differenza Tra Mascherine Ffp2 E N95.I9921 K0zkd9j W922 H401 F1 L1 Medical line
03 February 2022

What is the difference between FFP2 and N95 masks?

Welcome back to the Dispotech blog! Today we will be discussing masks and we’ll delineate a definitive difference between FFP2s and N95s, the two types of masks that are definitely the most well-known and commonly w

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Cosa C E All Interno Di Un Ghiaccio Istantaneo.I9881 Kqsgmrk W922 H401 F1 L1 Medical line
05 January 2022

What’s inside an ice pack?

Today we will discuss instant ice and ice packs, focusing on the composition of these small yet indispensable medical devices.

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Sport Medical line
05 October 2021

Doing sport and preventing injuries in autumn

The first chills, the one heralding the arrival of winter, are setting in and in this article we want to give you some practical advice to prevent annoying injuries that can cause you pain - or worse, keep you housebound to fully recover.

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Blog Quando Usare Il Ghiaccio Per I Dolori Al Collo Medical line
27 September 2021

When to use ice packs for neck pain

Today's Dispotech blog article is about an unfortunate nuisance common to many people: neck pain. One of the cheapest but also effective remedies is to apply ice to the painful area - possibly combined with targeted exercises for muscle relaxation.

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