Dispotech: disposable isolation gowns supplier

Disposable Isolation Gowns Supplier

Since 1990 Dispotech has been one of the major disposable medical products suppliers. Our products are chosen by many hospitals, dental offices and hospices all over the world. Discover our disposable gowns range.


Breathable, water-repellent and easy to wear: our disposable isolation gowns are one of the best sellers of our Medical and Dental range.

Dispotech supplies three main models.


Dispo Gowns

dispo gowns - disposable isolation gowns


Dispo Gowns are Class I medical devices, designed for hospital visitors to avoid exposing patients to the risk of external contamination.


These disposable gowns are made of water-repellent TNT, to maximize the protective effect and protect clothes from contamination. Each gown is equipped with sleeves with elastic at the wrists, a waist belt and a collar to ensure a comfortable fit and ease of use.


Dispo Gowns are available in one size and in different colours.

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Perfecto Surgical Gown

perfecto surgical gown - disposable isolation gowns


Perfecto Surgical Gown is a disposable sterilizable gown designed to protect healthcare professionals during different procedures.

These disposable protective gowns are available in two different versions:

  • Standard version, sterilizable with 134º C autoclave
  • Already sterilized version, available on request to have a sterile coat ready to use.


In both versions, these disposable isolation gowns provide maximum protection from the highest risk of infection and contact with hazardous or infected substances.

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Perfecto Gown

perfecto gown - disposable isolation gowns

Dispotech presents the comfortable Perfecto Gown visitor isolation gowns, equipped with a waist belt and Velcro closure on the neck, as well as cotton cuffs.


Hydrophobic, Perfecto Gown visitor’s gowns do not release toxic residues at incineration. Sterile gowns are also available.

You can order these gowns in the colours light blue, surgical green and Mediterranean blue.

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Customise your supply of isolation gowns

Dispotech disposable isolation gowns are available in packs of 10, 25 or 50 pieces each, but supplies can always be customised! Furthermore, Dispotech offers a customisation service upon request that allows you to add graphics and logos.

Also, you can create custom kits with the medical items you need.


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