Back pain and how to treat it with ice packs

Emanuele Mortarotti in
23 July 2020

On the Dispotech blog today we will be discussing back pain: annoying and at times very painful, it can be alleviated with the benefits of ice.

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On the Dispotech blog today we will be discussing back pain: annoying and at times very painful, it can be alleviated with the benefits of ice. Applications with ice packs – whether bought or "do it yourself" – are very beneficial for this type of pain. Let's see in detail how to get an ice pack to fight back pain, referring to an article published on


We have all learned that chemical ice packs are one of the most effective painkillers for use on injuries or for pain. Owing to the benefits of cold, pain, swelling and other discomforts can be relieved by applying ice packs on the part that aches several times a day (no more than 20 minutes per application, and in any event for no more than 48 hours).


There are many ways to benefit from ice: you can create a "do it yourself" cold pack with things you already have at home or buy ones now available on the market.


The easiest way to create your own homemade ice pack quickly is to put ice in a bag, seal it well, wrap it in a towel and apply it wherever you feel pain. It’s important to protect your skin from what are known as "ice burns": always place some form of protection between pure ice and your skin. Other DIY ice packs can be created by putting a towel, sponge or a rice-filled sock in the freezer. Or the classic bag of frozen peas: wrapped in a towel, this is a last-minute solution that saves the day!


There are also many convenient disposable solutions: they work through chemical reactions and you don’t need to keep them in the freezer for hours on end.


Dispotech has created Easy Ice, a handy and easy-to-use disposable ice pack. Available in a pouch, non-woven fabric or polyethylene, it's perfect for treating pain, after falls and small bruises: click here and learn all about Easy Ice!


What do you think about using ice packs to fight back pain? Contact the Dispotech team to have your say and find out more about Easy Ice!

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