Hospital disposable products: Dispotech's coprehensive range

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Since 1994 we have been taking hygiene in the medical field as a serious matter. For this reason we have conceived Dispo, a proper line of hospital disposable products, easy to use and to be disposed of. 


Through our Dispo line of Class I, Class II a and Class II b hospital disposables we aim to ensure the best support for hospital facilities in Italy as well as abroad – we ship worldwide –. Each hospital faces a unique situation, so we have expanded our line to offer a complete and comprehensive range of medical devices available in sterile and ready-to-use versions.


Hospital Disposable Products: Our Full Range

Almost all Dispo medical supplies are intended for single use in hospitals, and do not need any cleaning prior to first use – which makes you save a lot of time and costs.

From tools for instant relief to items that ensure you and your patients safety and hygiene, we really thought about any need may arise within a hospital.

Below you will find a list of Dispotech hospital disposable products.


Hospital disposable products: ice and heat packs

Ready to use and suitable to be applied on the face as well, out cold and hot packs are ideal either for cold and heat therapy.

What are they?


easy ice


Easy Ice – Disposable ice packs available in boxes made of non-woven fabric or polyethylene. All you need to do is squeezing the bag to start the cooling process (-4°C). Keep in mind that each ice pack is meant for single use only, so you must use it only once.


dispo hot


Dispo Hot – Disposable heat packs that warm up after squeezing the inner water bag to release immediate heat (+50°).


dispo gel

Dispo Gel – Completely atoxic hot and cold gel packs usable either for heat and cold therapy, ideal for medicine, dentistry and sports applications. They are also available with a pouch in non-woven or elasticated fabric.


dispo ice spray


Dispo Ice Spray – Ready-to-use ice spray cans to immediately soothe pain ideal to treat small injuries and bruises. Just remember that when you use this ice spray you should keep it 20 cm distant form the affected part.


Hospital disposable products: gloves

Two are the main kinds of gloves we have included in our line of hospital disposable products:

  • Wash gloves
  • Medical gloves

Let's have a look at them.


dispo wash gloves


Dispo Wash Gloves – Disposable wash gloves made of non-woven fabric or of dry paper for the personal hygiene of bed-ridden patients and the care of the elderly.


dispo gloves 


Dispo Gloves – Disposable medical gloves that come in two versions: one made of elastic nitrile for high comfort, the other one made of powder-free natural latex. They are one of the most used devices as they protect your hands from any kind of hazard.



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Hospital disposable products: masks and other items

From bibs to mats and masks: you really can find any kind of disposables you need to ensure hygiene at your hospital and safety for you.

As a matter of fact, some other hospital disposable products we manufacture include:


dispo mask


Dispo Mask – Surgical masks with elastic bands and a bendable nose clip that guarantee you maximum protection and respiratory comfort.


dispo bibs with pokets


Dispo Bibs with Pockets – Waterproof bibs with pocket to safely store tools and equipment. They are made of one ply of highly absorbent cellulose tissue and one ply of polyethylene. Would you like to see how they are made? Follow the link and watch the dedicated video.


dispo pack


Dispo Pack – Self-seal sterilisation pouches that you can use either for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation cycles by using the colour indicator they are equipped with.


dispo roll 


Dispo Roll – Pre-coated and pre-cut disposable sheets which ensure high tearing strength and waterproofness. They come in practical rolls made of a ply of polyethylene and one ply of paper tissue.


dispo mat

Dispo Mat – Decontamination mats equipped with a bacteriostatic and bactericidal agent. They come in a pack containing thirty numbered sheets and a practical adhesive you will use to secure them to the floor.


dispo clean

Dispo Clean – Microfiber cloths to easily remove dirt of any kind without using detergents.


perfecto surgical gown


Perfecto Surgical Gowns – Disposable surgical gowns design to protect you during most procedures. Resistant and ergonomic, they come in a standard version to be sterilised in autoclave at 134 °C (however, you can ask us for an already sterile version as well). Despite belonging to our other line, Perfecto, these surgical gowns are suitable for hospitals as well as dental clinics as well.


Hospital Disposable Products: What about Dentists?

Is there a dentist within your hospital facility? You then might be interested in our Perfecto line as well, a range of disposables created on the specific need of dental clinics.

Napkins, dental bibs, tray paper, disposable cups, cotton rolls, micro-applicator, chair covers and much more: you will find anything you need to properly equip the dental sector within the hospital.


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Customise Your Hospital Disposable Products

What we have not said yet so far is that with Dispotech you will have the chance to customise your hospital disposable products. Do you work in a private hospital and want to have your logo on an ice pack? Or you need to change the packaging or the dimensions of gowns and gloves?

We are able to do whatever you want to meet your need and facilitate your work.


customisable medical disposable


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Dispotech Hospital Disposables in a Nutshell

To sum up, in a few lines, we are specialised in the production of medical disposable products for homecare and hospital facilities, but also dental clinics and mass retail.

But why should you choose us among all other producers of hospital disposable products?
Well, from our point of view there are a couple of strength points we are proud of:

  • First of all, we internally manufacture everything only by using selected high-quality materials – that is we can control our production chain from A to Z, knowing where our products come from and go to
  • We have achieved various certifications because our disposables are made in compliance with the strict European regulations for what regards safety and hygiene. For example, they respect the European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices – you can take a look at our certifications here.

We ship our hospital disposables worldwide

Finally – but not the least important –, the great distribution net we have been able to build allows us to receive and process orders from all over the world. That is, we ship in Europe – yes, in Switzerland and in the UK as well – and in the rest of the world with no problem and at reasonable shipping rates.

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